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Observations and climatic projections for France: the example of water resources

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  • Pigeon, G.
  • Soubeyroux, J. -M.
  • Deque, M.
FOURRAGES Issue: 214 Pages: 91-97 Published: 2013

The analysis of climate evolution during the 20th century confirms global warming for France (average increase of 1 degrees C), and the hazards for vegetation: lower rainfall in the south of France and a drier soil in all regions in the last 50 years (mostly in the south during the winter). Climatic projections for the 21st century are increasingly accurate and allow for regional analysis. These projections forecast significantly higher temperatures (mainly in the summer) and lower rainfall (except in the winter). Lower water resources and drier superficial soil are to be expected, namely in the regions that are currently the most humid.

Author Keyword(s)
  • Climatic change
  • climatic factor
  • drought
  • forecast
  • France
  • hydric balance
  • meteorology
  • regional diversity
  • simulation
  • soil water
  • temperature
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  • Plant & Animal Science
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  • Agriculture, Dairy & Animal Science

[Pigeon, G.; Soubeyroux, J. -M.] Meteo France, F-31057 Toulouse, France; [Deque, M.] Meteo France, Ctr Natl Rech Meteorol GAME, F-31057 Toulouse, France; [Deque, M.] CNRS, F-31057 Toulouse, France

Reprint Adress

Pigeon, G (reprint author), Meteo France, 42 Av Coriolis, F-31057 Toulouse, France.

  • France
CNRS - Adress(es)
  • Groupe d'étude de l'atmosphère météorologique (GAME), UMR3589
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